Definitely Worth it

Editorial by The Templar.
The Risky Issue - XIII
Photography by Corrado Dalco.


The sun shines down once again on the sidewalk under my footsteps. On days ike these my sunglasses are no luxury. A warm breeze carries away the night’s last grains of sand. The streets are deserted in this neighborhood on the beach. The ocean fills my lungs, saturated from a night’s smoking, with its salty, savage air. When I catch my breath it reminds how hard it is to tame my surroundings. And those that surround me fare no better. I’ve left behind me a still sleeping household that will not wake before late afternoon sets in. I turn off my phone’s airplane mode and prepare to get back to work.

I start making calls and ignore my call-waiting. I let her know of my imminent arrival and, above all, of my serious need for caffeine. She knows how to deal with me, she puts up with way more than others would have. I’m making it only thanks to her, the only one worthy of the term “muse”. She reminds me of an important meeting this morning. I acknowledge and inquire about the location. I pull my keys out of my black leather jacket’s pocket and unlock my car. I hang up, toss my phone on the passenger’s seat, start the car and hit the music.  Already late.

A round table in the center of the room, bay windows all around, an empty ashtray, a packed rolling mini-bar, a secretary announcing my arrival as I sit down facing the view and wait. I’ve heard of him, met him a few times but that’s about it. When he makes his way into the room followed by his employees he comes straight towards me to shake my hand, walks around to the opposite side of the table and takes a seat. He knows I’m not easy to land and so he’s all the more happy to se me this morning. He offers me a drink and grins as I accept, figuring I’m either a connoisseur or just an alcoholic if I’m having a drink this early on the morning.

The stage is set and I now know what to expect. The fact that a banker is conspicuously present among us makes me think that this guy means business. I guess he really does want to work with me. Perhaps there’s even more than meets the eye. He makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Nonetheless I do enjoy working solo and he is well aware of it. That’s why he slides across the table a keychain with two keys on it. It reads “Villa Elisa”. “Elisa will be there. She’s waiting for you”, he says. The stakes are high in some games, but I know the rules and accept them.

– The Templar

Editorial : The Templar.
Photography : Corrado Dalco
The Risky Issue – XIII